The More of Less

If there is a single word that contrasts with the American culture of 2016 it is Minimalism.  In Joshua Becker’s new book, The More of Less, he contends that most of us can have the life that we really want, but it begins with getting rid of all of the stuff that is in the way.  And by stuff, he means all of the things around your house and in your life that not only steal resources, but which also take valuable time to maintain, clean, and present.

I must admit that the message of this book intrigued me.  It was the sole reason that I requested the review copy in the first place.  And I could definitely feel the author’s passion, which sometimes got a little preachy (he is a pastor, so I guess he has that right), and I can see the accuracy of his message, but he never really engaged me at the level that would drive me to make significant changes.  The biggest thing that I did while reading this book was to clean out the cluttered desk in my home office.

I hope that this message and reading this book has planted some seeds.  Mr. Becker truly convinced me that a minimalist lifestyle could certainly lead to less headaches and having more resources available to pursue the life that I desire.  He just failed to convince me to do anything about it, at least for now.

I was a little set off by the editing of this book.  There are multiple references back to other chapters and previously stated material that were simply unnecessary and eventually caused me to start skimming the book, looking for truly new material in each chapter.  The book could have been shorter….

I will close by saying that I truly respect the book the Joshua Becker has written.  He has a very successful blog and I was expecting to find the book filled with promotions pushing me to purchase additional items and resources via his website, as seems to be the norm these days.  Thankfully, this book was only filled with his message and vision for what is possible for those who choose to limit their needs, and focus on bigger goals.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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