Rooted Delivers

In his forthcoming book Rooted, Banning Liebscher, founder of the ministry Jesus Culture, encourages his readers to focus less on God’s vision for their lives, and focus more on working with God to develop a healthy root system where they are now.  Subtitled The Hidden Places Where God Develops You, he uses the life of David as an example of how God may take years, even decades, to prepare us for the ultimate calling that he has placed on our lives.

Although anointed to be the future king of Israel while just a boy, David would spend years developing intimacy with God as he cared for his father’s flocks.  He would then be called to serve his country and the current king, as he faced down giants and used his talents to bless Saul.  In later years, while on the run, he would be called to lead a community of misfits who would look to him to lead, all the while knowing that God had promised him the kingdom.

These are the three areas that Banning uses to show how God develops a healthy root system within us:

  1. Intimacy – with God
  2. Serving- the body
  3. Community- doing life with the people around us

The big idea in this book is that growth takes time and we shouldn’t try to rush the process.  In 2016, that is not a popular view.  Society wants us to rush to the end.  We measure ourselves against others and try to imitate their success, whether its income, status, “likes” or “shares”, we want to have the success that others have achieved, but if we don’t have the roots in place, the fruit will not last.

Banning begins this book with a simple statement:  “Deep inside every follower of Jesus is a desire to have a visible, lasting impact on the world.”  Although his solution might not be popular, it is true.  Love God. Serve People.  Be in Authentic Community.  It will create the fertile soil that you need in your life to produce fruit that lasts.

Rooted will be available for purchase on May 3, 2016.  I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


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