donal(D) t(R)ump

I get it.  Really, I do.  I understand that a large portion of the citizenry of the United States is disgusted with the current state of politics and our country as a whole.  I get it.  I count myself among your number.

And I would consider myself at least a life-long conservative, if not even a Republican (don’t hate me).  It is enticing to consider giving Washington and all of those clowns the proverbial finger and sending an outsider to the big house.

But let me ask you a question:

What if Donald had decided to run as a Democrat?  Seriously.  He could have.  Reviewing his statements over the last decade, from wanting to impeach President Bush to supporting single-payer healthcare, to giving huge donations to progressive candidates and causes…he looks a lot more like a (D) than an (R) to me.

So as things stand, the “conservative”, “blue collar” voters are going to send a message to Washington by sending Jimmy Carter wearing a Ronald Reagan mask (plus the hair) who is the outsider equivalent of Ross Perot.  I don’t think that I’m exaggerating by much.

But you know what I don’t understand…evangelicals.  This is a group that I would call my people.  Why on earth are we as a group supporting Trump above any of the other candidates?  Don’t get me wrong; our choices aren’t very appealing.  But Trump?  I thought I understood conservatives.  Evangelicals need to read their bibles and use a little more prayer and discernment.

The sad reality is this.  Trump will most likely win the nomination.  And when he does, two things will happen:

  1.  The media will begin to systematically destroy him.  I am sure that they have an abundance of stories ready to launch as soon as he finishes his acceptance speech.  Up until now, they have been happy to sit back and watch the Republicans destroy themselves, but don’t you worry, dear ready, when the times comes, they will launch a full-scale assault on Trump.
  2. The true evangelical conservative will become disinterested altogether.  I have voted in every presidential election since 1988.  I mostly vote Republican, but I have voted Independent (Perot) and Democrat (Clinton, first term).  I can not see myself getting excited about standing in line in November to vote for Trump, or Hillary, or Bernie.  I fear that many others will probably join me is sitting back and watching the lemmings elect the next “president”.

Hopefully a divided congress will limit their ability to screw anything up to badly over the next 4 years.





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