The Power of Surrender

I sincerely hoped that I would enjoy this book.  Really.  After reading the cover material and other online reviews, I thought that this might just be a piece of the puzzle in my own life.  Sadly, it was not.

I am a Christian and everything that I take in gets filtered through that unshakable paradigm.  Unfortunately, most of this book is encouraging you to surrender to your inner something and letting go.  I find it unnerving to surrender to something that the author herself seems to have trouble naming or describing.

As an example, from the chapter entitled The First Surrender:

“With any goal, first set your intention…second, listed to your intuition and see if this goal feels right.  If it does, do everything to make it happen.  The let go of the results as you let destiny and your angels work their magic.”

The problem that I have is that she can’t decide if its something we are doing (intuition), or something cosmic that is beyond our control (destiny) or something higher than us (angels).  She tries to thread the needle with techniques that will work not matter what your particular flavor of life or religion.

And it might work if you don’t really have a strong basis of belief or faith in something larger than yourself.  If you do, and particularly if you are a devout Christian, this book will not aid you.


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