Every Dude Needs This

This may have been the most enjoyable and practical book on marriage that I have ever read.  Darrin and Amie Patrick are very transparent and vulnerable as they share the ups and downs of their own marriage in an effort to help others with their own.

This book is very readable.  It reads as if the Patrick’s are sitting down in your living room sharing a coffee and talking through their week.  Any man can gain wisdom and insight from reading this book.

The chapters are short (for the most part, more on that later) and each ends with a few questions that are designed to get the dude talking and engaging with his dudette.  This isn’t a book to read and walk away from.  It is a book to read, underline, practice, and review.  I have many new tools in my marriage tool kit as a result of this book.

My only complaint with the book is that certain chapters seemed to be lacking in meat.  While most of the book was outstanding, the chapters on provide and rest seemed to be almost an afterthought.

Still, the book is a great read and will help you tremendously.  I must say that a favorite part was hearing from Amie’s “heart” as she shared from a women’s perspective about all of the issues.  The chapter that she wrote on Pursuit was a personal favorite.


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