“Based on New Information” – Said God Never

I admit that I have been fascinated with the tragic story of Malaysian flight 370 and its disappearance over 3 weeks ago.  It is still amazing to me that in the modern era, when my office can pinpoint the location of my laptop, we have the ability to lose a plane.  I just don’t get it.  But it also reminds me of just how huge and unknown and savage the world is that God has created for us to live on.

Over the last few weeks, there have been repeated changes in the search area.  Typically, these changes have been the result of some “new information” that has been discovered or disclosed.  They have changed the flight’s direction, speed, altitude.  Virtually every detail that could be changed from the original flight plan has been changed. They also turned off the plane’s beacon signal, which makes it impossible for the plane’s owner or manufacturer to locate it.  Combined, this is making it very hard to find this plane.

I realized this morning that this is not the way that my life operates in God’s economy.  There is no “new information” with God.  He knew my beginning and end before the foundation of the world.  He knew every detail of my life.  He has been surprised by nothing.  He knows exactly where I am, where I am going,  and when I am going to arrive at the destination.

How foolish of me to think that I have done something or experienced something that will change or disrupt God’s plans!  He was aware of every decision and hardship that I would face in life before the world was even created.  He knew that my parents would divorce.  He knew that my father would die and that I would stubbornly refuse to reconcile. He knew that I would not finish college.  He knew that I would fall in love and marry at a young age.  He knew that we would struggle financially and make some poor decisions with money.  He knew that our children would be born prematurely and the stress that it would bring on a young couple.  He knew that I would fall into addictions.  He knew that the economy would weaken and that I would find myself unemployed.  He knew that our house would lose its value.  In this world you will have trouble….  He knew all of it and he still created me, in this place and in this time. And with a purpose.

But God’s purpose always has been and always will be about him.  It has never been about my circumstances or decisions.  It has always been about using this life for his glory.

So I hope that they find that plane. I hope that they discover what happened so that the families can have some closure.  And I hope that I will continue to accept that this life is God’s original and perfect plan and I will stop searching for significance . Stop thinking that I have somehow gotten off course and that God can’t find me based on this “new information”.

Today I hope that you embrace the fact that you are who God created you to be. You are in the place and time that God chose for you. And your circumstances and your responses to them are all tools that God is using to draw you closer to him.  All for the purpose of knowing him and revealing him to the world.

For his glory.


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