Heaven Is For Real Book Review

Many of the independent Southern Baptist churches that I have attended over the years have occasionally held “Testimony Services”. At these services, the members of the congregation would have the chance to stand and testify to what God had been doing in their lives or some trial that he had brought them through. Sometimes, the speaker would be nervous and uncomfortable speaking and their testimony would be a little disjointed in places, but the content of what they shared would be amazing.

That is how I felt reading this book. It reads much like a testimony. Although it is a little disjointed (primarily because it covers several years of random revelations about Colton’s visit to heaven), the content of the book is well worth the short amount of time required to read the book.

I confess that it took me a couple of chapters to really get into the book. In brief, the book shares the story of Colton Burpo, who during an emergency surgery, had an experience that can only be described as miraculous, in which he went to heaven and returned. Colton, only 4 at the time, did not immediately share this with his family but rather shared specifics over the course of several years as circumstances brought them to light. The initial details of the family’s trials leading up to Colton’s event at first seemed a bit superfluous. They did not seem to be moving the story well, however, once we had arrived at Colton’s surgery, the details proved to be necessary in establishing the mindset of the family at the time.

The majority of the book is spent revealing details that Colton shares regarding his experience. The story is truly remarkable. While being a little scattered, the information that he shares is so very encouraging. His descriptions of heaven, Jesus, and family members that he sees offer us a glimpse into what we all hope to see someday. In a world that is in turmoil due to wars, and the economy, and life in general, this story is very powerful and needed.

This book is a wonderful confirmation of the faith that we have as Christians.

I read the movie tie-in edition of this book. This edition includes pictures of the family and movie cast, as well as interviews with some of the family and those involved with the movie. Because the story of the book was so interesting and moving, I found the movie tie-in material to be unenlightening.

Read the book. It will encourage you in your walk of faith.

I was given this book by Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.


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