Every Day Gifts

My older son has been begging us for days to let them open a Christmas present early.  Last night, we finally gave in, with the condition that my wife be able to choose the present that was opened.

She naturally chose a present that he already had a pretty good idea about what it was.  Michael refused to open it.  He only wanted to open one that would be a surprise.  She refused to let him open a surprise gift, and the stalemate resulted in no gifts being opened.

As I thought on that this morning, God reminded me that every gift that He gives us every day is a surprise. To us, at least.  He already knows what is coming and what he has lined up for us today.  He knows what we need and when we will need it.  And He will give it at just the right time.

Like us, I hope that He is anticipating our excitement as we “open” this gift and respond to it.  I hope that my joy in receiving even the smallest of gifts from my Daddy today will bless Him and that others will be blessed by it as well.

I guess my son is just going to have to wait until Wednesday…


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