Fall Race Training Week 1

After having spent the last 6 weeks building my base of miles, it felt good to begin following a training plan with my eyes set on future run. This week was all about strength building and getting some longer runs into the mix.  Total miles for the week was 25.

Monday 4 miles, easy

Tuesday 4 miles, hills

Thursday 4 miles, easy

Friday 4 miles, easy

Saturday 9 miles, easy

I ran a 10:00/mile pace for all miles this week, which is what my plan suggests if working towards a 4:00 marathon goal.  For the first time, I am training with both pace and heart-rate goals.  The pace goal is the priority, but I am focusing on my heart-rate as I run to attempt to maintain a more consistent effort throughout the run.  I have a tendency to start too slow and then have to exert myself at some point during the run to get my pace back on track.

During my long run on Saturday, my first mile was about 30 seconds off pace and I didn’t fuel properly during the run which caused me to have another mile that was over a minute off pace during the middle of the run.  This required me to run a couple of 9 minute miles at the end of the run to achieve my goal pace.  It was amazing to see my hear-race spike 30 beats per minute higher as I pushed to get back on pace.

I realize that to be successful at longer distances I am going to have to manage my effort more effectively so that I have the energy to run the later miles at the goal pace.

Note to self:  In every area of life, consistency in effort everyday will take me much farther than sporadic, short, gut-sprints followed by long periods of rest.

My primary goal for next week is to manage my pace early in each training run and make sure that I have the right fuel on board to stay energized and not lose time.  The plan is to increase miles by 3 (adding them to the mid-week runs).


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