Learning To Be Short-Sighted

I decided over the last month or so that I am going to train this summer/fall to PR at the half marathon and marathon distance in the fall/spring running season.  You should know that I have only completed one half marathon and one marathon ever.  The half marathon was at a 9:00 minute pace and I ran it 4 days before I had a hernia surgery.  The marathon was at a 10:00 minute pace and my training went so poorly that I almost backed out altogether about a month before the race. So this isn’t exactly a “reaching for the moon” sort of goal.

The 16 week training plan that I am following started with 2 days of easy 4 mile runs, at a 10:00 pace.  I went out the last 2 mornings and nailed those runs, not pushing myself to go faster, just following the plan.  I caught myself about half way through this morning’s run questioning whether or not this training would work? Will it be enough to get me to my goals? Will I be able to do it? Or will I quit before I ever get started? Again.

Literally, day 2 of a 16 week training program and I am already focusing on the results at the end.  This is an area of weakness for me. (Perhaps I should have put that in bold, all caps, underlined, italicized, and lots of exclamation points). And it affects all aspects of my life really. I doubt whether the actions that I am taking today will give me the results that I want in the future and this doubt literally handcuffs me.  I think “it probably won’t work any way so why bother doing anything.”

But I am not going to let the stinkin’ thinkin’ get the best of me this time. I may not end up where I think that I am headed, but I will end up exactly where God wants me to be. And where I need to be.

Check out this video. It’s what I am really trying to say.

I Am Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave

And somebody message me tomorrow and remind me of this. I have a feeling that I am going to need it.


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