Who Are You?!?

When you finish a race and don’t get the PR that you trained for, what do you call yourself?  When you get on the scale and can’t seem to drop a pound no matter how little you eat, who are you then? When nothing that you are striving for ever seems to come to pass, no matter how much effort you put in, who are you then? When it seems that every flipping blog post that you read is written by a former track standout who is reclaiming his former glory while only shopping at Whole Foods and living off of quinoa and kale smoothies, who are you then?


Who are you? You, the one who gets up early to run. The one who sits at their desk and eats their homemade lunch instead of grabbing a burger with the guys. 

You are a flipping rock star.

Remember that NORMAL people are sitting on the couch eating ice cream and potato chips and watching Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo.  Or they are sitting on the couch drinking a six-pack and watching football over their expanding mid-section remembering how they used to play football themselves.

Don’t let your negative thoughts deter you from your goals.  Not even for a minute.  You my friend, are not normal or average. Nor are you a failure or a loser.

Who are you?  YOU ARE YOU (only stronger, faster, and smaller).


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