3 x 1600 Meter Track Workout

Got up early this morning to get in my weekly track workout before heading into work on my “late” (9am is hardly “late”). Regardless, the weather was overcast, very humid from the storms that we have been getting in the evenings, and little breezy.  Temps in the low 70s.  This weeks workout called for a 10 minute warm-up, 3×1600 meters (at 6:63-7:01 pace) with 400 meter rest interval, and a 10 minute cool-down.

My right leg was still feeling tight from the treadmill run on Tuesday night, so I spent most of the warm-up walking and doing lots of active stretching to try to shake it off.  I only jogged about 400 meters during the warm-up (usually I jog 800-1600 meters during the warm-up). The jury is out on whether this was a good idea or not.

My leg remained tight throughout and I just didn’t “feel it” this morning.  My times for the 1600s were 6:59, 7:08, and 7:53.  I shouldn’t feel to bad about it.  It’s 22:00 flat for 3 miles and my PR at the 5K distance is 22:27, so really a pretty good run for a bad day.

My wife shared a tweet from Rick Warren with me yesterday.  To paraphrase, the goal is not perfection. The goal is progress.  It encouraged me throughout my run this morning.  Even when I knew I wasn’t going to hit my target paces on those last two miles, I could continue to run with a smile because I can look back and see where I have come from.

You’ve come a long way baby.


4 thoughts on “3 x 1600 Meter Track Workout

  1. Sound advice from Rick Warren. All you have to do is just keep going. Some days will be great, others not so much, but if you just keep going you can’t help but be ready. And for the record, I would kill to have your splits!

    1. Good advice! Dennis Quaid’s character in The Rookie tells his teammates: “You know what we get to do today? We get to play baseball.” I want for that to be my attitude towards running. It’s something that I am privileged to be able to do.

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