June 2012 Review

It was the best of times. It was the best of times.

In looking back over the last month, I can really see lots of improvement and accomplished goals.

I began the month by committing to a new training plan (FIRST method – Run Less. Run Faster.) to carry me to the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th.  This has been the most significant change in my routine and has brought about significant change and growth in my running ability.

I set a new PR in the 5K distance this month, cutting almost a full minute off my previous time.  The most impressive part of this PR to me is seen when I compare the conditions of the two races.  I ran the Three Rivers 5K in Rome, Georgia last October in 23:25.  That race was on a Saturday morning when the temperature in the 50’s.  I ran the March Against Meth 5K this month in 22:27. This race was on a Friday night (I had to work from 6am until 3pm that day) and the temperature at the start of the race was in the mid-80’s. Apples to apples, the new PR race was a lot tougher than the previous one. I feel pretty confident that I can cut another minute off of my 5K PR with better conditions.

I also ran a mile in under 7 minutes for the first time ever this month….and I did it 3 times! I clocked miles on 6:52, 6:40, and 6:38.

I attribute my new PR and improved speed solely to the weekly track repeats that I have been doing as part of my new training routine.

Overall mileage was down (I only ran 62 miles), but I feel that every mile that I ran was serving a purpose.  No junk miles this month.

Overall June (last month)

62 miles (76 miles)

12 run days (13 run days)

Longest run:  9 miles (8 miles)

Average run:  5.2 miles (5.85 miles)

Average pace: 8:43/mile (8:47/mile)

Looking Ahead

I ran 6 miles this morning. The only other scheduled run for this week is the Peachtree 10K on Wednesday.  After that, I am taking the remainder of this week off to rest (maybe cross-train a couple of days) and get ready for my 16 week marathon training that begins a week from tomorrow.

I will get my 3 weekly runs (track, tempo, and long) each week and schedule the runs to give me the greatest opportunity to push myself and run the goal paces.  This will mean some early morning/late evening runs.

The First plan includes two days per week of cross-training and strength building.  This is an area for me that I have ignored often and have struggled to consistently address even when I attempt to.  This will be my biggest challenge over the next several weeks.

My only other target area for the month is my diet.  The only thing consistent about it is that it is so inconsistent.  I make great improvement for a few meals/days, only to lose it all over a weekend of poor choices. 

What are your goals for the month? What are you doing to make them become reality?

Get Started. 


2 thoughts on “June 2012 Review

  1. I struggle with nutrition as well. I do great for a few days, then get a craving for a soft drink and some really bad fast food. I figure as long as I eat healthy most days, I’m still eating better than I was in the past.

    1. I agree. I have lost quite a few pounds and I am light years away from where I was…I think more than anything I get frustrated with myself because I haven’t yet developed the discipline to control what I eat.

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