I Don’t Want To “Just Finish”

So maybe I am going to eat these words in a few months.  Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

Imagine if you will.  You have just asked the girl of your dreams to marry you.  You have been dating for months.  You bought the ring.  You planned the proposal. And you worked up the nerve to ask her.  And SHE SAID YES!  Unbelievable.

Your future bride begins to talk about the wedding.  She imagines her dress. The flowers.  She sees the guests and the wedding party.  She imagines the reception.  The cake.  The first dance.  Throwing the bouquet.  And then the wedding night. The honeymoon.  She explains the details of an event that is still months away, but shares it as if it has already happened.

And then she asks you, “What do you think?”

And your response:  “I just want to get through it.”

Really? You are going to spend months getting prepared.  You are going to tell all of you family and friends.  You are going to pay for it.  Just to get through it?

Of course not, but this is the way that I feel when I read so many columns and posts for first-time marathoners.  Don’t set a time goal they say.  Just finish the race. 

But I can’t “just finish”.

I envision the marathon as being a beast to be tamed. A lover to be taken.  A prize. A choice jewel.  And I don’t want to just finish.  I don’t want another t-shirt and finisher’s medal.

I want to make it memorable.  I want to pour myself into it and trust that it will prove to be worth the investment.  I want to push myself to show her that I am worthy of the honor of pursuing her.

Am I setting myself up for failure? Will I be able to handle it? Will I be disappointed in my results?  Will I regret writing this post?

Perhaps.  But I have lived long enough to realize that I will not get more out of this experience than I put into it.

And I want to get ALOT out of this experience.

What about you? How did you train for your first marathon? What were your expectations? Did you meet them?


One thought on “I Don’t Want To “Just Finish”

  1. EXACTLY! This is a great analogy. I want my first marathon to be pretty special, too. And I figure if I make a ridiculous goal for myself, I’ll probably do much better than I ever thought I could.

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