Great Early Morning Track Workout and Refocused Readings

My work schedule (6am-4pm) makes it a little tough for me to get in my runs early in the day, but luckily, one day a week (usually Thursday), I get to go in a little later and I am able to get in a morning run.

I have been taking advantage of this to get in my track repeats.  I believe that these runs are critically important for my growth and I want to be able to run them with as much effort as I can.

I hit the track about 6:30 this morning to run a 2×1600, 800 (400 meter recovery in between each).  This was the first track workout that I have done where I was able to hit my goal pace on every run!  The 1600’s were are 7:09 and 7:16 (goal range is 7:09-7:18) and the 800 was at 6:52 (goal pace was actually 6:58-7:00).

It feels good to know that after 4 weeks, I actually hit my target paces for every run.

In other news, I am taking a cue from Matt Chandler and changing the way that I read the bible in the mornings.  In his message from last weekend, he encouraged us to stop reading the bible like the newspaper, and just take a small bit (a verse or even less) and meditate on it throughout the day.  I have been following a reading plan that I enjoy, but  it (or I) puts pressure on me to complete the day’s readings and not get behind.  I don’t feel like I have time to meditate…I just have to get it all in.

So I am adjusting my focus. I read through Psalm 37 yesterday and it really challenged me, even just in passing, so I headed back there today for my first focused, meditative, passage: 

Psalm 37:1  Don’t worry about the wicked or envy those who do wrong.

So God starts me out by telling me not to worry about what everybody else is doing and don’t be jealous of the success of those who do wrong. 

Worry and comparing myself to others.

Ouch.  God knows me so well….

Get Started.


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