Heat + Humidity > Tempo Run

I tried. I really tried. 

I had a planned 4 mile tempo run with a half mile warm up and cool down on the books for Monday night.  My wife, who has just started running in the last couple of weeks, was going to join me at the track, along with our two sons who had agreed to walk the dogs while we ran.  A family affair!

I took off for my half mile warm up at about 8pm, running a 9:15 pace.  The first couple of laps were great, but then the heat (low to mid 80s), the humidity, and the fact that the track sits in the middle of a field, all caught up with me.  Man was it hot!  And it seemed like the sun was shining on me from every direction!

I managed to get in two miles in the right pace range (7:57 and 7:51), but that was it.  I cried uncle and went home.  I feel great that I was able to crank out those miles in those conditions, but would like to have finished the workout. 

It looks my evening runs and going to have to get started a little later…

What is the hottest starting and ending temperature that you have ever run in? How far did you run?

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3 thoughts on “Heat + Humidity > Tempo Run

  1. Doug, I run in 90plus on the East coast and in 100degree last year while in TX on business. Let me assure you I have not done tempo work in those conditions. I know you’re using the RW book method which is great HOWEVER you must adjust your pace AND expectations when it gets very hot and humid.

    1. Thanks for the advice. As the temps heat up around atlanta, I definitely need to adjust my pace, plans, and (great point) expectations.

  2. Last year I ran when it was 105 degrees at 7pm. That’s the hottest run I’ve ever had, and was absolutely my limit. There was no escaping the heat last summer in TX. I’m running this evening with our running group and the projected high is 104. This time of year I just do it. I don’t let myself think about how much I will hate it until I’m out there, then I try to keep my bad thoughts to myself!

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