Training Review and Forecast

This has been one of the most unusual weeks running that I have had in quite a while.  I only logged 3 runs (including a 5K race) and only about 8.6 miles for the week, but I checked off a couple of goals, set a new pr, and have improved my projected finish time for the Peachtree Road Race and the Atlanta Marathon.

Week In Review

Monday – track workout. 3.5 miles.  I ran my first ever mile under 7 minutes – 6:52.

Tuesday – track workout. 2 miles. Another sub 7 mile – 6:40.

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – rest

Friday – 5K race.  I ran my fastest mile (6:38), set a new PR of 22:27, and won my age group.

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 6 mile run planned.  Legs were still sore from the hills and pace on Friday. I decided to take an extra day off.

Looking back over this week, it is easy to get discouraged by the number of miles that I logged.  I have not had a week this low in months, however, I pushed hard early in the week to give myself the confidence that I could run a low 7 minute pace for a 5K, and then I rested to make sure that my legs were fresh for the race Friday night.  Could I have run a little more last week? Perhaps. But I developed a plan, followed it, and achieved the desired result.  I call that a win.

This Week’s Plan

I am now fully focused on the Peachtree Road Race 10K on July 4th.  This will be the first time that I have ever run this race.  I am familiar with the route and elevation changes, but I don’t know how the huge crowd size will affect my ability to run a solid race.  Based on this past weekend’s 5K, I am projected to run a 10K in 47:04.  Given the crowd, the elevation, and the potential for heat and humidity, my goals for this race are now:

Best:  46:59

Good:  48:29

OK:  49:59


My plan for this week:

Monday – tempo run (4 miles at 7:50 pace)

Tuesday – cycling

Wednesday – track workout  (2x1600m, 800m)

Thursday – hill repeats

Friday – rest

Saturday – long run (8 miles at 8:10 pace)

Sunday – rest


My wife and I are heading off on Saturday afternoon for an overnight stay at the Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington. Georgia. 

After this week is over, I think that I will need it.


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