What Have You Got To Prove?

I am following the Lookout Bible Reading Plan on You Version.  This morning’s reading had me Acts 13 where Paul is presenting the gospel in Antioch for the first time.  I change bible versions like some people change underwear, so right now I am reading the New Living Translation.  Regardless, in Acts 13:39 I read the following:

“Everyone who believes in him is declared right with God”

That verse pretty much hit me square in the face.  Because I believe in Christ, I am declared right with God.  I have nothing to prove to anybody. God says I am his and I am ok.  What else could anybody possibly say to one-up that?

But if I am honest, the recognition of others feels pretty good. I ran my PR 5K (23:25) last October in Rome, Ga. I remember going from elated at the time that I had just run, to being very disappointed that my best-ever time wasn’t fast enough to place for my age group.  It was the first local race that I had ever run where I didn’t place, and not being recognized for my accomplishment was a major let down. 

I was more concerned with being recognized than I was with being the best that I could be.

This verse reminds me just how wrong this thinking is.  I am declared right with God.  I may never place again.  I may never improve my PR time. But none of it matters. If I am the best me that I can possibly be, then that is enough.

Get Started (thinking right).


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