Speed is Relative, But Perhaps Not a Distant One

I read an article last week that reported the results of a study of mid-pack runners who ran this 30/20/10 interval training program.  You can read the article here:  New Workout Shows Impressive Results.  The speed gains that the runners saw intrigued me, and the simplicity of the workout had me hooked.  I am all about simple (and this is easy to follow), so I decided to give it a shot to help me prepare for my upcoming 5K and 10K races in early summer.  In a nutshell, this workout has you run a slower pace for 30 seconds, a faster pace for 20 seconds, and a sprint for 10 seconds, and then repeat several times. 

I have ran the circuit twice now. Once last week and once this week.  While I realize that you can’t tell much from just 2 runs, I must say that yesterday’s run felt a lot better than my first attempt.  I created a spreadsheet to track my average pace during each of the timed segments and I was very surprised at the results that I found. 

*Disclaimer-I realize that I wrote yesterday about having faith in God and leaving the results to Him. And I am, but I also take the verse that says to study to show yourself approved, a worker that doesn’t need to be ashamed very seriously as well.  It’s complicated. Don’t judge me, and besides, I have issues that are much larger than this…but that’s another post….*

As I was saying, I was very surprised at the results that I found.  Although my pace during the slower 30 second intervals slowed down (7:48 to 8:28), my pace for the 20 second intervals increased (7:40-7:34), and my pace for the 10 second sprints increased the most (7:10-6:04).  Only time will tell if this helps me improve to the point that I achieve my 5k and 10k goals, but it sure makes an old guy feel good when his Garmin tells him that he was running at a 5:28 pace for ANY distance.

Get started.


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