Did You Do It On Purpose?

The sarcasm is about to get pretty deep. You might want to grab your waders.

Over the last several weeks, I have had opportunity to run into some folks that I don’t see all that often.  Some have been friends, family, work associates, folks from church. Really, people from every walk of my life.  Inevitably, when this happens, I am asked two questions:

1.  Have you lost some weight? In the last couple of years, I have dropped about 45 lbs (from 230 to 185).  I am really proud of this and it makes me feel good when someone recognizes it.  It has all been from eating better (not good, just better) and running. That’s it.

The second question is the one that always gets me:

2.  It is some form of “Did you do it on purpose?”.  The first time that I got that question, I had to step back for a minute. On purpose? As opposed to on accident? As if I could somehow lose 45 lbs as quickly and accidently as I lost my keys over the weekend.  What? I just didn’t get it.  Sadly, I think that most people assume that something must have been wrong with you (either illness or disease) that “made” you lose the weight.

Why? Because most people think that you could never lose weight on your own.  Anyway, it makes me laugh. Every time.  Yes Virginia, you can eat less and get some exercise and lose weight.  Who would have thought?

The next time I run into an old friend who has piled on the pounds of late, perhaps I will ask the same question.  Did you do THAT on purpose?

Perhaps not.

Have a great day! And do something on purpose and unexpected today. 


2 thoughts on “Did You Do It On Purpose?

  1. SO TRUE! I still encounter the same issue as you after losing a bunch of weight. My attitude and priorities also changed during this time but that has more to do with my faith journey… many people don’t get that either!

    1. I agree totally. When I started running, my goal was to lose a little weight and hopefully prevent some of the health problems that have plagued the men in my family over the last few generations. I now see that my living healthy is a sincere way for me to honor God with my whole body, not just my mind and heart.

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