Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Semisonic – Closing Time  (Closing Time Official Video on YouTube)

The theme of this week has been “transitions”.  Whether I look at home, at work, out on the trail, even on this laptop this morning, what I see is change. Out with old. In with the new.  And this time, change is good. But even though it is all good, it is sometimes hard to process when you are the type who really likes consistency.

My Wife confirmed this week that her work schedule is soon to be changing.  She will no longer be working evenings and weekends, which will be radically increase the amount of time that we can spend together with our boys.  This will also help us to motivate each other to get a gym-time in each week as we have been trying to incorporate strength training and group cardio into our fitness routines, but the varied schedules have made it impossible to get to class consistently.

Oldest Son went to his Senior Prom Friday night. (Don’t worry Son, no secrets divulged here. What happens as Prom, stays at Prom.)  This means that there are just a few weeks of High School left and then he is prepping for college life.  Can’t believe that.  This week also saw us reach a settlement with the insurance company regarding an accident that my son was involved in with a drunk driver back in December.  I am grateful that my son is ok and that we can finally put this behind us.

For the record, Youngest Son will turn 15 this year, and the thought of him driving makes me proud and frightens me at the same time.

I was given some new responsibilities at work this week as well. I will be out of the office more (which I love) and will be making sales calls to customers throughout the week.  While I am excited about this, it will be out of my comfort zone.  I see this as a good thing.  This will definitely help to increase my confidence and teach me a skill that can be used in a variety of work applications. Hey, you never know…..

This has been a solid week of running for me as well, but it too is transitioning into another phase this week. I have spent the last several weeks just building base miles and run frequency to prepare my for my 10k training.  That training begins tomorrow for my race on July 4th.  I really want to challenge my body and put up a good time at the race. And some here come the fartleks, interval training, and hills runs to build strength, endurance, and speed to get me where I want to be when I want to be there.

I have been over 20 miles for 3 of the last 4 weeks and am running 3-4 days consistently each week.  My pace has been steadily increasing and I am now able to run longer distances (6-9 miles) on flat to rolling hills at under 8:30 pace.  I find that I am much more relaxed now when I run.  I used to look at each run individually. If I was running 6 miles, then the time had to be x or it was a wasted effort. Now I realize that each run is simply a small piece of a larger progression, and I don’t feel the pressure to perform a peak workout every time.  The funny thing is that my times are still dropping.  Less stress = looser muscles = faster times.

I am continuing to run in my Saucony’s with the arch and heel inserts.  Although the shoes have over 700 miles on them now, they still feel great, but I know I will have to replace them in the next month or two.  Hey, any shoe reps out there need a 41 year old, middle aged, back of the pack shoe tester? If so, I am your guy.

I will wrap this up with a word of thanks to A Veteran Runnah.  I have been reading his blog for a few weeks now, and have changed my running log (you are logging your miles aren’t you?) and my blog software (I now use Windows Live Writer) based on his blog and reviews.  Thanks for the tips, sir.

And one last thing. I now have 210 miles ran in 2012.  I have been completing a virtual run to Indianapolis (Colts fan) and on to Cleveland (Indians fan).  I am now in Livingston, Tn.  I am a little behind schedule, but these increased miles each week will get me on track eventually.

Get started.


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