The Decision Has Already Been Made

This has been a very unusual week for me.  I ended the Easter week with only one run.  That’s right. One.  I wasn’t sick. I didn’t have surgery. I didn’t lose my shoes. I didn’t forget to look at my calendar and not realize that I had 5 runs scheduled for last week.

I just didn’t run.  I could blame it on Spring Break, Easter, or (go ahead, plug in your own excuse here), but really, I just didn’t do it.  My mind was on other things and my shoes stayed in the closet.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not dogmatic about my schedule and sticking to it. I routinely change my mind about distance, route, etc… when running. But to simply not run. Really?

I was listening to the Marathon Training Academy Podcast over the weekend, and Trevor’s dad shared a montra that Angie uses when faced with the inevitable question of “to run or not to run”. The montra is The Decision Has Already Been Made.  Pretty simple, right? But as I have chewed on it over the last couple of days, I think that this could be a game-changer. And not just about running.

It amuses me sometimes, as I read through the blogosphere looking for some new tips or tricks to improve my own race times.  There are some ridiculously profound lessons floating around that usually only get applied to running.  What I have been brewing over is what are the things in my life can I say “the decision has already been made” about? It seems to me that these things are at the core of who I am.  They are the things that I am unwilling to compromise on. The things that are so important that I don’t even have to think about what I am going to do. I just do it because it is who I am.

For me, running is part of that, but it’s not the whole.  I have my beautiful wife. My two boys. My faith. My fitness. My family. When I am debating doing something with my family, I can think “the decision has already been made” and join them. When I am debating having that first second Reese’s Easter Egg, I can say “the decision has already been made”, and walk away QUICKLY.

But I also have a few other things that more often than not I elevate to the status of “the decision has already been made”, when they really shouldn’t be.  I am thinking WORK here primarily.  I need to think more about the outcomes that I want to create in life, and make decisions that are consistent with those outcomes.

It really comes down to integrity. Wholeness. It this is who I am, then this is what I do. Pretty simple really.

I will still skip workouts, change routes, run harder than I should, and sometimes, eat two Reese’s eggs. But I will do it on purpose. A conscious choice. Not a mindless reaction.

And if I only run one time next week, it will be because I either chose to, or circumstances beyond my control forced me to.

Get started.


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