Weekly Update

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update.  Lots to share.

First up, I bought some of the new Skechers running shoes at one of their outlet stores a couple of weeks ago.  At first glance, they were very comfortable and really seemed to “energize” my legs over a short 3-4 mile run.  If you are not familiar with them, they are designed to promote a mid-foot strike and utilize a compressed-arch in the middle of the shoe that seems to absorb force and direct energy as you run so that you don’t lose so much energy by heel-striking.  For the first few runs, I loved them.  But then, as my natural stride began to change (I suppose), I started having dead legs (even during short runs) and they were followed by large bruises that showed up just above both knees.  At 41, I can’t afford too many injuries, so into the closet the shoes went and there they shall stay.  My review of the Skechers shoes: Unless you are already a mid-foot runner, STAY AWAY!

Next, I went on my first trail run in over a year.  I know.  I am missing out.  It was great! I ran about 4 miles with a friend on a course that a local high school cross-country team uses.  The scenery was great and I really enjoyed the slowed pace that the rolling hills and turns required.  However, the next day brought serious pain in my right hip.  By the end of the day, I was limping so badly that I spent the night with a heating pad, an ice pack, an a bottle of Motrin at my side.  I knew that I was using a muscle-group that didn’t typically get used on my Silver Comet Trail (rails to trails) runs, but I had no idea that these muscles were this UNUSED.  Like everything else I try, it was too much, too fast.  I definitely need to ease my way into trail running.  Luckily the pain subsided and I am back to my old self.

I tested out my endurance in my long run on Saturday.  I was planning to run 8 miles, but considering how the last 10 days had gone, I wasn’t sure if I could (or should).  I decided to run slow and run a loop that would keep me within 2 miles of my truck at all times (just in case).  Surprisingly, I felt pretty good.  I ended up running 8 miles at a 9:27 pace.  It was a much slower pace than I have been running, but was the longest distance and time run since my surgery back in November.  I was very pleased with the run.

My Kicks and Giggles Virtual Run goes on.  If you missed that post, I am plotting my YTD miles in a virtual run from my home in Rockmart, Ga to Indianapolis (to catch a Colts game) and then on to Cleveland (to see the tribe with the World Series).  I ran 17 miles each of the last 2 weeks and YTD I am at 137 miles.  That puts me 40 miles ahead of last year and well on my way to my goal of 850 miles for the year.  I am currently between Kimball and Monteagle, Tennessee.  Kimball’s claim to fame appears to be the 2 very large fireworks outlets that a located in town.  It is nick-named “Fireworks City”.  Oh-joy.  As you may know, Monteagle is home to a very treacherous section of I-24 that is very steep and frequently makes many lists of the most dangerous American roadways.

Looks like I have a 700 foot vertical climb ahead.

I better Get Started.



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