Unexpected Guest

My family and I made the trip to Florida this wekend to hang out with the inlaws. I hate the heat and humidity of coastal Florida,  but as it is mid February and the temperature outside was a pleasant 58 degrees, I decided to go for a 4-5 mile run this morning.

The first mile was brutal. I think that the combination of increased cross training, an 8 hour car ride, and sleeping on the couch for two nights, was working against me. It took about a mile and a half to get loose, but once I was loose, the cool temps, the breeze, and the flat terrain, made for a great run.

At least until the 2.5 mile mark. This was where my unexpected guest arrived: the dreaded intestinal issues. It turned my 5 mile run into a 3.13 mile walk/sprint back to their house.

It was amusing to me in the end. Just like the rest of life, you can’t plan for everything. You can’t control your circumstances. And many times, its the things that you can’t control that have the greatest
impact on your result.

That’s why we have to have so many at bats. Eventually, if we persevere, circumstances will work with us and our hard effort will be rewarded with success.

Get started.


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