What Gets Measured Gets Done

One of the things that I love about running is the immediate feedback that I get at the end of a run, or even during the run.  I can see that I have gone faster or farther than ever before. I can see that my pace has quickened and my pulse has dropped. I have immediate proof that the effort that I am investing by pushing myself farther and chasing goals that are not yet realized is bringing about real, physical change.

There are other areas of life that give us the same immediate sense of accomplishment.  We can diet, and the scale tells we are making progress.  We can set financial goals, and when the bills or the bank statement arrive, we can see that we are moving towards our goal.

But what of the things, a majority of life I believe, from which we can’t receive that immediate feedback.  While it is true that what gets measured gets done, what do we do with those things that can’t be measured? Or that can only be measured over long periods of time?

It’s these things that I really seem to struggle with.  I suppose that in the end, this is where faith becomes real.  When we do something, not because we know the result it will produce, but rather we know what we hope the action will produce. We have faith that this action will be rewarded. 

When I can’t guarantee that my effort is working. When I can’t measure the result that I hope to see.  This is where I have faith that if I live the life that God requires of me, then he will provide the result that he promises.

So I keep running, measuring what I can to be a good steward, and trusting that God will continue to keep his promises and bring results in me that I dare not even dream of.

Get Started.


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