Interval Training!!!!

I began the 9 week training leading up to my first half marathon yesterday. Session 1 was intervals. Although I have built my mileage base up over the last several weeks, I have not really focused on pace all that much. Yesterday was all about pace. I had a good friend who told me that intervals will really separate the men from the boys. He was right! It was a tough workout, but I learned a little about myself in the process.

1. I am faster than I thought. My biggest concern was that I would not be able to sprint the 4×200 meters at the end of the workout. My target pace was 6:30 per mile. I was actually able to exceed that pace in each of the four intervals. I was shocked!

2. I don’t appreciate recovery walks/jogs enough. Although I walked more between intervals than I planned, these brief rests really gave me the energy to push through on the faster runs. I think that I could learn from this in my personal life. I would bet that the days that I feel most exhausted are the days that I try to sprint through with few rest periods. Taking a few “breaks” thoughout the day would allow me to accomplish more during the working times.

3. My body is getting ready to go places that mind is not ready for. I still limit myself via the self-talk that I do in my mind. As I begin to hit faster times and feel better while doing it, then I know that my mind will begin to accept the reality that it is wanting to reject right now.

I am feeling good about where I am and can’t wait until November.


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